Fairfield RAGBRAI CL VII - Housing Host - Sign-Up
Thank you for offering to host Ragbrai riders at your home! We're so excited to have your help! Upon submitting this form you recognize and agree to the following:

- Hosts are not permitted to charge guests for anything, although it is not unusual for riders to leave some token of their appreciation for your hospitality.

- Hosts are only expected to provide a place for riders to rest their heads for the night. This space can either be provided inside or outside your home.

- As a housing host, you are not required to entertain guests or provide them with amenities. However, many hosts will offer riders the chance to shower and use toilet facilities in their home.

- Hosts are not required to transport or feed the riders.

- Some RAGBRAI riders utilizing local housing would like to have the option to place a portable restroom on the property, which would be obtained at the expense of the riders staying at the property. They will make this request to you directly through emails or phone calls. You are not required to accommodate this request.

Riders are expected to arrive into town beginning late morning to early afternoon on Thursday, July 25th. They will leave the following morning, Friday July 26th, often being on the road by 9am or earlier. They usually leave little to no garbage or other items for you to clean up.

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