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Agreements :
* "The Scholar" Tree shall not release a child to any person without the parent's consent
* In the event of serious disciplinary problems, the program reserves the right to terminate a child through written
* "The Scholar Tree" is nut free zone. Kids are required to bring nut free products in their lunch box / snack bag.
* I hereby authorize my child's photo to appear in the media or to be used to promote or publicize programs
* The Scholar Tree shall notify parents/guardians whenever their child becomes ill and the parent /guardian will arrange
to have the child pick up as soon as possible.
* In the event I can not be reached in emergency, I hereby give permission to "The Scholar Tree" to seek medical
treatment for my child at the nearest medical facility. I agree that I carry health insurance for my child and I am fully
responsible for medical expenses and all other relevant expenses incurred.
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