HFM - COVID19 Vending Interest (2020 Season)
Thank you so much for your patience as the HFM Board of Directors and Staff have gathered information on health mandates, state guidance, and best practices for operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. As you may be aware, states around the country have varied on their responses regarding farmers markets. Some states have outright banned markets, while others are operating in reduced capacities, focusing on the sale of essential products.

We have been monitoring the recommendations and mandates from Alaska governmental agencies- Governor’s Office, DHSS (Dept. Health and Social Services), and DEC Food Safety & Sanitation, as well as working with the AK Farmers Market Association to come up with the best plan, with proven safety methods, to proceed with a market that is safe for the public, vendors, and staff. It is vital that the public feels safe coming to the market. We have been weighing the difficult choices and acknowledge that what the future holds is unpredictable.

You have been sent an email outlining our plan, but it can also be found here: www.homerfarmersmarket.org/2020-covid-19-update---market-protocol.html)

This is the plan that represents the mandated and recommended actions the board and staff will take to create a safe market experience for everyone. This market season will be very different, and the market is a vital piece to our community. We have no doubt that the market will return to a vibrant social gathering experience as soon as it is safely possible, but perhaps not until the 2021 season.

We will reassess often, in hopes that more vendors can be added, and to ensure we are meeting state health and operational mandates.

Your feedback is welcome, but only if it is kind, constructive, and solution and safety-oriented.

Thank you for staying the course with us, we are all doing our very best.
HFM Board of Directors & Staff
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