Pre-order your FREE copy of 'Term Sheets 101: A Step By Step Guide to Understanding Venture Capital Term Sheets'

If you are working on a startup and have ever received a term sheet and did not understand it or if you plan on getting venture capital investment, then this guide will explain--in plain English--what each term in a term sheet means and how it impacts your startup. We take you step-by-step through the various terms in a term sheet and show you examples of what is favorable for your startup, what is favorable for the investor, and what is middle of the road.

Avoid the embarrassment of not knowing what your are signing. More important, avoid the pain of later finding out what you agreed to when accepting the terms in a term sheet.

"Term Sheets 101" is written by a corporate and startup lawyer.

The first 20 to pre-order "Term Sheets 101" will also automatically receive a free guide to understanding startup stock options.

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