Nominate your Community Champion or Brand - Akwa Ibom Celebrates
Community champions are those who through their little but Strategic efforts, our communities are bettered.

Akwa Ibom brands are concepts and business ventures owned by Akwa Ibom people that are market leaders or revolutionary in their field. We will take seven days to celebrate these categories together.

Go ahead and nominate that one man, woman, business or brand that has made a difference.

1. People or Brands of proven integrity, outstanding social, economic, political and cultural impact, locally, nationally and Internationally.
2. Achievers, innovators and inventors.
3. Excellence in music, arts, culture and the creative industry and all those who have contributed to the success story of Akwa Ibom State.
3. People or Brands whose lives have been inspirational, who have demonstrated the can-do spirit of Akwa Ibom viz, honesty, integrity, hardwork and courage.
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