Love for 10969 Answer Form!
Hey everyone! This is Mei from #Lovefor10969! Since Jillanie and I are not always online for interviews, I opted to make this special form for you guys to share and answer for your ONE OK ROCK Fan Testimonials! These questions are usually the ones we ask to fans who would agree for the interviews.

There is no right or wrong answers for this and what's cool: you can answer in your native languages! It doesn't matter if its in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Polish, German, Arabic or whatever; we welcome each one of you guys! We will post your answers in so watch out for it!

Follow us at the following sites for updates:

Twitter: @oneistoinfinity
FB Fan Page:

We hope you guys answer all of the questions we listed here if its applicable to you guys and we cannot wait to read them! Keep on rockin' with ONE OK ROCK you guys!

PS: If you want us to translate these questions in your native language, please contact us and we will open the form based on your languages!

Update: (June 13) - French Version Added -

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