Cowan Verizon Hotspot Application
Please complete this application for a Verizon Hotspot for your family. The deadline for this first round has been extended to Thursday, September 17th.
Please provide the name of the person completing this form *
Provide the best phone number of the person completing this form. *
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Please list the names and grade levels of all Cowan students living in your household. *
How do your students currently connect to the Internet to work on school assignments? (Check all that apply) *
Please describe the impact a Verizon Hotspot would have for your students to work on their school work?
I, as a parent/guardian, agree that if we are selected to receive a WiFi Hotspot for our home that it would be used for educational purposes only and that a violation of this policy would result in it being returned to school for the use by another family. (Insert your name below if you agree.) *
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