Responsible Urban Beekeeping Applications
GreenThumb is partnering with Liane Newton of to offer a free year-long introductory beekeeping training to community gardeners. Please apply by Wednesday, December 11, at noon.

Honeybees can be a rewarding and ecologically beneficial addition to a community garden. Whether your community garden wants or already has honeybees, this in-depth, hands-on program will help your garden group successfully manage an apiary. GreenThumb is sponsoring a limited number of seats in Responsible Urban Beekeeping,’s longstanding training program, taught by a professional and experienced hobbyist team. Gardeners who fulfill the requirements of this full-season training will receive a kit with everything they need to start a sustainable community garden apiary, and will be eligible to join the Bee Health Group for ongoing mentoring and mutual aid.

We encourage 2-3 gardeners from each garden group to apply so that the responsibility of caring for the hive can be shared by multiple members. Each member still needs to apply individually.

Trainings will take place on 12 Saturdays starting in February. Most classes will take place at the NYC Parks Five Borough Complex on Randall's Island, though some sessions may visit other beekeeping sites around the city.

GreenThumb-sponsored seats are for members of GreenThumb community gardens. If you are not part of a community garden, you can still apply to be part of the class directly at
This training is for garden groups that wish to start beekeeping or who need support with their existing operations. If you are looking for a general introduction but are not sure yet if you want to start keeping bees, please consider attending our one-off introductory workshops, which can be found in the GreenThumb Program Guide at The next introductory workshop is December 2 at 100 Gold St.

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This application is only open to members of GreenThumb community gardens.
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This training is also open to members of gardens that already have apiaries, who are looking to join the beekeeping team at their garden.
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If your garden group has discussed beekeeping already, what are you excited about? Will there be a committee? Do you know where in the garden the apiary will go? Please describe any intentions your garden group has set for this new undertaking, or if your garden already has bees, what kind of support you are looking for to continue beekeeping.
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Do you have any experience with beekeeping? If so, please describe. *
Prior experience is not a requirement. If you have a lot of experience already, please consider joining the advanced cohort instead. If you're interested in that option, please email
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How does your community garden currently make decisions about new projects like building an apiary? *
Has your garden group already discussed and approved introducing honeybees to the garden? If so, please briefly describe how this idea got approved by the garden group (e.g. was it brought to a vote? approved by a committee?). If your garden group has not yet discussed this new idea, please describe your plan for ensuring that that happens.
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The majority of this intensive will take place at the rooftop educational hives at the NYC Parks Five Borough Complex (5 Boro) on Randall's Island. 5 Boro is located at 20 Bronx Shore Rd., and is a 10-minute walk from the M35 bus (first stop on Randall's Island) and a 30-minute walk over the bridge from the 4/5/6 at 125th St.
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