Personal Preaching Experiences
Thank you for taking time for this interview! I am continuing to collect data for my Directed Study at Duke Divinity School about preaching and bodies. I am thrilled and honored to be presenting my research at the RCWMS Preaching Festival in the Fall of 2018.

Let me be quite clear-- preaching and the experience of women in ministry is SO MUCH MORE than appearances and commentary. The goal of this survey is to acquire data about the ways that "superficial" issues disproportionately affect women over men in ministry.

Your experiences are so valued and your identity will be kept confidential in my statistical reporting.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or personal stories that you would like me to include in my study --

Gender Identity *
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What is your age group?
What is the age demographic of your work context?
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I am work in...
What church/denomination is your work associated with?
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What region or state is your context located within?
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Do you preach in a robe/alb?
Does your context permit profession or casual dress?
Do you preach from behind a pulpit? Why or why not?
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How often do you receive comments about your appearance from parishioners?
If you do receive feedback about your appearance, it it praise or critique?
When feedback regarding your appearance does occur, from whom does it come from most often?
Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unsafe as a result of comments made about your appearance by parishioners?
Have you even been told that your preaching attire is inappropriate or distracting?
If so, what were you wearing, and what was the comment made?
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Has a parishioner ever explicitly suggested that you wear a certain style/type of clothing?
Have you ever felt that a parishioner's comment qualified sexual harassment?
When you get dressed for work, whose opinion do you consider most strongly?
I feel safe to express myself with my clothing choices at work.
I receive feedback about the tone of my voice.
Parishioners tell me I am too intense and/or need to smile more.
Are you willing to share a specific story regarding appearance and feedback?
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