Mapping Berlin alternative initiatives
Would you like to help us identify all the initiatives that are reinventing the economy and living together in Berlin?
Let's map the alternatives!

WARNING: please be considerate of the potential wish of some initiatives NOT to be publicly inventoried (e.g. some illegal squats). If you have a doubt, ask them first!

If you're on a hurry just fill the first section :)
If you have more time you can provide more information to help us categorize the initiatives.

All the data you provide will be made accessible as public domain and soon be available on an map open to everyone (apart from your email address if you provide it to us).

Many thanks!

For further help in understanding the needs, modes of interaction and production, please visit the following page:

This mapping jam is coordinated by the Berlin section of the TransforMap project:

Basic information
name *
Please enter the name of the initiative: e.g. Thinkfarm Berlin
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Are you a member of the initiative? *
Please provide a short description explaining what the initiative is about. e.g. "Thinkfarm is a self-organized co-working space committed to a socio-ecological transition."
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Street address *
Please enter the street address with the house number e.g. Oranienstrasse 183
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City *
e.g. Berlin
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Country *
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Link to initiative website (URL)
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Additional information
Contact email
Enter an email contact to the initiative
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Telephone number
Enter a telephone number to the initiative
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Opening hours for public access
please enter in following format: Mon (10:00-18:00) Tue (12:00-20:00) ...
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What label best describes the initiative?
Only one response allowed. Please try to stick to how the initiative described itself.
What need is mainly addressed by the initiative?
Only one response allowed
What needs are further addressed by the initiative?
Multiple responses allowed
What is the main mode of interaction used by the initiative and its participants?
Only one response allowed
If the case, what is the main mode of production used by the initiative?
Multiple responses are allowed
Link to source of data
please insert a link to a page where regularly updated information about the initiative can be found.
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Open Street Map location marker
To improve our map you can provide the OSM location marker by finding the location on and selecting the share function on the right-hand menu, tick the box "include a marker" and copy the URL link provided and paste it below.
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Alternatively you can provide the Latitude directly, you can enter the latitude using a . (point) and no , (comma)
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Please also enter the longitude using a . (point) and no , (comma)
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This will be used to let you know about the publication of the map and further elaboration on it. We will not share this email to third parties and not spam you.
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