Evergreen Equity Complaint Form
Hello! Equity officers and teams are becoming more common at high school tournaments, but it is possible that not everyone at this tournament is familiar with this role—here is a brief explanation of what this form is for.

Equity issues or complaints are problems that make the debate space inequitable; in other words, these would be actions or words that make people feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or more generally like there is behavior that may cause harm, even to people who are not present for a given debate. Examples of issues worth reporting, and requesting help in dealing with, include, but are of course not limited to:
- Intentionally misgendering competitors or judges (or anyone);
- Making comments that discriminate based on personal characteristics (e.g. commenting on another debater's identity in a way that is derogatory);
- Using slurs or other offensive language;
- Giving feedback based on debaters' identity instead of their arguments.

While the results of filling out an equity complaint will vary (depending both on how harmful/difficult a situation is, and what the person submitting the complaint wants), we can do things including but not limited to:
- Reaching out to coaches so that they can have a conversation with their debaters;
- Reaching out to coaches so that they can have a conversation with their judges;
- Speaking to debaters and/or judges and/or coaches directly where reachable;
- Arranging a mediated conversation between parties.

This form is NOT intended to be used for protests—if you have a formal protest of a rules violation (e.g. broken prep rules or impermissible use of internet during rounds) please contact other tournament staff instead.

Please use this form to submit equity complaints that arise during this tournament. All responses will be kept confidential. All responses will be anonymous unless you chose to provide your name/contact information for us to reach out to you.

We hope that you have a safe, comfortable, and equitable experience at the Evergreen Invitational!
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Please describe your equity complaint or other problem that you'd like us to address here.
What do you want us to do about it? Please include the ideal result of this complaint from your perspective.
When did the problem that you'd like to report occur?
If you would like us to contact you about this issue, how can we reach you?
E.g.: give us a phone number or email address to contact.
If you would like to tell us your name, please do so here (you can also list the name of your coach/chaperone, if you prefer that we reach out to them).
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