Haxe User Survey
Thanks for taking the time to fill out the Haxe User Survey. It gives us a better opportunity to understand how people are using our tools.

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What do you use Haxe for?
How long have you been programming?
How long have you been using Haxe?
How big is your organization?
What do you use Haxe for?
Which Haxe targets do you use?
Where are you geographically located?
How do you install Haxe?
Where do you publish your Haxe applications?
What is your primary desktop operating system?
What is your primary web browser?
What is your mobile operating system?
What are the Haxe libraries you use?
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What is your preferred Haxe IDE?
How do you communicate with other Haxe users?
What is your annual salary (U.S. Dollars)?
Do you use macros?
Do you know that the Haxe foundation offers paid support plans?
Are you currently a Haxe Foundation support partner?
Which of the following support plans would you be interested in?https://haxe.org/foundation/support-plans.html
How much would you be willing to give to the Haxe Foundation to support them financially (U.S. Dollars)?https://haxe.org/foundation/donate.html
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