Databank Annual Customer Survey 2017
Dear Valued Customer,

Please take a moment to answer the following questions. The information you provide will be used to help us improve our product and service offerings to you. Thank you in advance.

Your Databank Team.

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Your answer
1. How long have you been a Databank customer?
2. Which Databank product(s) do you own? (Please check all that apply)
3. What is your primary reason for investing?
4. How often do you top up your investments:
5. Do you have an emergency fund (i.e, at least 6 months of income)
6. Which service do you use on our Online Service platform at (Check all that apply)
7. Have you registered for the Databank mobile money services?
8. How often do you visit Databank's Facebook page?
9. How often do you visit Databank's website?
10. What is your main reason for visiting Databank's website (Please check all that apply)
11. Which of the following Databank advertising or marketing channels have you seen/heard in the last 6 months? (Check all that apply)
12. Which Databank branch do you visit regularly?
13. Are you satisfied with the service you receive from Databank?
14. Would you recommend Databank to a friend or business associate?
15. Please provide one suggestion on how Databank can serve you better
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