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Please enter all of the information you'd like on your own Brownbutter Wrestling profile. The format is pretty basic right now, but we'll eventually be migrating these to Please send any photos for your gallery and shirt images for your profile to Please send shirt images in the PNG file format with no (transparent) background.
Primary ring/gimmick name
Shoot name
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Please list any other ring or gimmick names you perform as or have performed as. Please include bios for them if you'd like. (You can update info later.)
Year you debuted
Where did you train and who were your trainers?
Promotions you've wrestled for and the years you worked with them (if it's open ended, just put a dash beside the first year you worked there, i.e. Hoodslam 2016-) Also include the gimmicks you wrestled under if you have more than one.
professional website
booking email (optional)
links to video clip(s) of you performing (feature not live yet)
links to photos of you (if they aren't online, please email photos of you to me at
Upcoming bookings (date, city, promotion, venue)
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