The Boring Letter
We started Pathao ( in 2015 with 4 people. We made technology and helped deliver packages - often doing both of them ourselves. In 2016, we launched Pathao Rides through a secret Facebook group.

In these 3 years, Pathao has grown to become the fastest growing startup of Bangladesh. In 2017, when more than 6 million people thought of moving, they thought of Pathao. With Pathao Rides operating in 3 cities and Courier nationwide - everyday we help move Bangladesh in more ways than one.

I am now sharing some of the lessons I've learned on this journey. I share these not to inspire or stroke my own ego - rather to highlight some hard things about building a company. These are things that get lost in the glamor and romanticism surrounding startups today. I look beyond that and share real experiences we've had while building this company from nothing.

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