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I agree to a scheduled home visit prior to my initial foster placement if requested.
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Please list the number of resident pets in your household, separated by species. (ie, 2 cats, 1 dog, 3 hamsters) *
The ACAPL is working toward a future where all companion animals have homes and families that love them, thus we promote the iportance of spaying and neutering. Are all of your pets "fixed"? *
We strongly recommend that your resident animals are current on all of their vaccinations. Immunity to infectious disease will keep them protected in the rare instance a foster is diagnosed with a communicable illness?
Are your pets (cats and dogs) up to date on their vaccinations? DA2PP and Rabies for dogs, RVRCP and Rabies for cats? 
If necessary, would you allow APL staff to visit your home at an appointed time?  *
Is there anything special/unique about your home you would like us to know? *
Do you have a fenced-in yard? *
Do you have an area in your home where you can keep you foster pets separate from your own if co-mingling an option?  *
Are you open to attending educational sessions or training workshops if the need or desire arises? *
If your foster became ill, how long would it take you to drive to the APL? *
Have you ever fostered before?  *
If so, with what organization? What was your experience like? *
Finally, the big questions! Which types of animals are you interested in fostering? (Check only enthusiastic, "Yes's" to start out with. You can always add more later.) Let's start with dogs. *
Next Up! Calling our crazy cat peeps! Which types of felines are you interested in fostering? (Check only enthusiastic 'YES's" to start to out with. You can always add more later) *
We occasionally get large numbers of small mammals and birds from hoarding situations. Would you foster any of these guys? *
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