Burton Student Support Services Referral Form
If a student is expressing thoughts about suicide, self harm or other urgent safety concerns, please contact Patrick Mulkern, Burton's Wellness Coordinator, immediately at ext. 1239 or contact the Main Office to notify them of the situation and request that they reach out to Patrick.

Refer students to PACE for their Teen Center and After School program if you think the student could benefit from healthy social connection with both peers and caring adults, a safe place for students to be after school, or being able to pursue specialized interest. Refer students to PACE Prevention Services if you think the student could benefit from academic support, interventions to increase motivation, skill development to self-advocate and resolve conflicts appropriately, or employment opportunities when needed.

Refer students to the Counseling Office if you think that the student could benefit from support with class placement, credit recovery, college and career services, or academics.

Refer students to the Wellness Center if you think the student could benefit from individual or group supports regarding physical, reproductive, or mental health.

Please be advised that you are a mandated reporter and should contact Child Protective Services directly to consult, and complete a Wellness referral, if you suspect neglect or abuse.

Please submit referrals for disciplinary issues through BASIS.

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