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1. Mary, who is sixteen years old, is four times as old as her brother. How old will Mary be when she is twice as old as her brother? Choices
2. Which one of the five choices makes the best comparison? Finger is to Hand as Leaf is to:
3. If all Bloops are Razzies and all Razzies are Lazzies, all Bloops are definitely Lazzies?
4. Which one of the following things is the least like the others?
5. Choose the word most similar to "Trustworthy":
6. 27 minutes before 7 o'clock is 33 minutes past 5 o'clock
7. A round wall clock that has been rotated until it is hanging upside down will have a minute hand that points to your right when it is two forty-five.
8. If the word, "quane," is understood to mean the same as the word, "den," then the following sentence is grammatically correct: "Looking out from my quane, I could see a wolf enter quane."
9. The words, "auctioned, education, and cautioned," all use the exact same letters.
10. Nine chickens, two dogs, and three cats have a total of forty legs.
11. Sixteen hours are to one day as twenty days are to June's length.
12. Without breaking or bending a toothpick, you can spell the word, "FIN," with exactly seven toothpicks, with no letter sharing a toothpick used by another letter.
13. This sentence has thirty-five letters
14. Six identical triangles can be formed by drawing two straight lines through an octagon's center point
15. The number 64 is the next logical number in the following sequence of numbers: 2, 6, 14, 30...
16. Which shape does not fit the others?
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17. Think of as many uses for a paperclip as you can in 1 minute.
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18. Riddle: I wake you up in the morning. You touch me all day, but I never complain. You hate it when you can't find me. Whenever you have to talk to your friends, you hold my tight. I am your ...
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19. Riddle: You see all your friends when you're with me. But when you come to me, you look at your own face the most :smile:
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20. Brainteaser: Octopus in the Box. There are two boxes in front of you. One box has an octopus inside it and the other box does not. Box A has owner A standing in front of it and Box B has owner B standing in front of it. One of the owners ALWAYS tells the truth and the other owner ALWAYS lies. Both owner A and owner B know which Box has the octopus inside it. Both owner A and owner B know whether or not the other is a truth-teller or a liar. What should you ask owner A in order to find out which box has the octopus behind it?
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21. Phone Numbers Problem: You are in a notebook shop and you have a pen and 1 dollar bill. Nothing else -- no mobile phone. You need to write down 3 phone numbers of your 3 friends who are leaving. You can't write it on your body or clothes because it's raining heavily outside and the ink will get washed away. So you ask the shopkeeper if you can buy a notebook to write the 3 phone numbers down. But the shopkeeper says his cheapest notebook is $1.50. You are not allowed to ask money from anybody and you are not allowed to leave the shop until you write down the numbers and take them with you. You are not allowed to take anything with you out of the shop except whatever you brought with you and anything you buy from the shop but you can't buy anything from the shop because the shop only sells notebooks and the cheapest notebook is $1.50. How will you write down the 3 numbers and take them with you?
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22. What is your gmail? This must be either a Gmail email address or an email hosted on google mail servers.
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24. What is your opinion of the Pomodoro technique? You can google it if you don't know what it is and even get a Pomodoro timer if you want.
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25. What do you think of the app Sleep Cycle?
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