New Distributor Training Registration Form
地点: 赢升总公司
日期: 28/04/2019 星期日
时间: 9.00am- 5.30pm
收费:RM20 per Pax ( 包括小礼品、早茶和午餐 )
截至日期: 22/04/2019

全新旅游奖励已经开跑啦!拥有20年传销实战经验的赢升公司001 Mr Hau, 曾以多层次传销概念创造无数传销传奇,提拔多位精英人才。当天,他将会解说如何以9天7夜的东欧旅游奖励计划扩展您的组织团队。冲向顶尖的超业,从这里开始!❤

New Distributor Training
Venue: Insaan HQ
Date: 28/04/2019 Sunday
Time: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Fee: RM20 per Pax (Inclusive Door gift, Morning Tea Break and Lunch)
Due date: 22/04/2019

Dear value members,
The New Campaign is started! Mr Hau Wan Hock (Insaan 001), an elite trainer with over 20 years of MLM experience will be conducting a training session on the approach on how to achieve the reward of the 9 days 7nights Eastern Europe campaign.
Register now! Grab this golden opportunity and get a professional training from Insaan.

规则 Terms & Conditions
公开于所有赢升事业伙伴参加。Open to all Al-Insaan Business Partner.
不准穿短裤及拖鞋。Slippers & Short pants are not allowed.
费用不能退还或转让。Registration Fees are not refundable or transferrable.
临时缺席者不能索取任何产品或转让。For those who absent will NOT entitled for any redemption or replacement.
准时报到及上课。Be punctual & fully attend the Seminar.
公司有权在无通知的情况之下更改条规。Al-Insaan Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change or amend the above terms and conditions to prior notice.

*Completed form and payment kindly pass to marketing department.
*我同意以上一切上课详情与规则不会擅自离场 I hereby accept the rules & regulations as per above mentioned and my acknowledgment on acceptance as below: -

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