Self-Assessment of Interpretive Reading Competence at the Advanced Level
---Based on the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements
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I can understand information about important events, national and international. *
I can understand the main idea and supporting facts about famous people and historic events. *
I can read a short summary of a historical figure’s accomplishments. *
I can understand the main idea and supporting facts about a subject of my own interest *
I can read about an upcoming event to help me decide whether or not I would attend. *
I can read a description about a candidate to make a voting decision. *
I can read texts that compare and contrast information. *
I can read movie summaries to choose what to watch. *
I can read an article about how technology has changed in the past 20 years. *
I can follow the general idea and details of a variety of stories and autobiographical accounts. *
I can follow news articles reporting on community events. *
I can understand general information on topics outside my field of interest. *
I can understand the details of an article about a sporting or cultural event. *
I can understand messages on a wide variety of past, present, and future events. *
I can understand a detailed account of cultural experiences. *
I can understand the new perspectives of a musical group in an article. *
I can understand most documents outlining rules and regulations, or policy changes. *
I can understand national or international news, such as an election, a disaster, or civil unrest. *
I can understand most inferences and allusions. *
I can understand newspaper articles that are specialized and complex in nature. *
Advanced Mid (Interpretive Reading)
“I can understand the main idea and most supporting details in texts on a variety of topics of personal and general interest, as well as some professional topics. I can follow stories and descriptions of considerable length and in various time frames. I can understand texts written in a variety of genres, even when I am unfamiliar with the topic.”

From the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements
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