UPA Fall Family School Culture Survey
We want to know how you feel about UPA school culture! For questions that refer to "respect", we define respect as these core behaviors:
1. Honoring others by greeting them, honoring their physical and emotional boundaries, and showing attentive listening.
2. Keep the building clean and take care of materials.
3. Use appropriate language and tone for school
Grade Level of your Student *
I feel welcome to participate at UPA. *
School staff treats me with respect. *
School staff welcomes my suggestions and feedback. *
My child's background (race, religion, economic status, language) is valued at UPA. *
My child is excited about what they are learning at UPA. *
UPA communicates well and keeps me informed of school events. *
UPA adults communicate well and keep me informed of my child's academic progress. *
I am informed of the services and supports that are available to my family through the Family Resource Center. *
I am informed of the ways in which I can get involved or volunteer at UPA. *
Adults at UPA make it clear how students are expected to act. *
At UPA, school discipline is handled effectively and fairly. *
My student is safe while on school campus. *
How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at UPA? *
How much of a problem is bullying or harassment among students at UPA? *
How much of a problem is physical fighting among students at UPA? *
How much of a problem is disruptive behavior among students at UPA? *
Do you think students respect staff? *
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