X-Sensing 2019 Expression of Interest
The X-sensing conference will take place in Coffs Harbour, Australia during 23rd - 27th September. Registration will cost AUD$400, which will cover the cost of access to the full conference program, lunches and tea breaks during the week.

The meeting is all about connecting different fields and its success depends on hosting participants from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, levels of experience, gender identity, ethnicity, and interests. Here we invite you to tell us a little about yourself, what you would bring to the meeting and what you hope to gain.

We will select participants from the pool of applicants based on enthusiasm and ideas - not necessarily skill level. We aim to host a lively meeting, with participants contributing in many different ways, for example, by:

* giving a short talk
* leading tutorials or other practical demonstrations
* chairing unconference sessions
* proposing, or working on, a team project during hack-day
* participating in lively discussion sessions

Tell us about your ideas in the space below! The deadline for submission of this form is July 19th 2019. If you have any questions, please email organisers@x-sensing.net

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