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Complete this short form on behalf of your school to register for enrolment in Well Ed. Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of this form. Prices are in Australian dollars.
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Terms and conditions: Please acknowledge below that, 1. You are entering your institute into an annual contract and understand your institute will shortly receive an invoice for Year 1 of the Plan. 2. Upon submission of this form you will automatically be invited to submit staff details to access the pupil videos (even if you already have access on a current Plan). 3. Staff will then receive individual logins and access to the pupil and staff resources. 4. After 30 days, and after receipt of payment, staff can apply to take the 'Learn it' CPD. 5. 2 months before the end of your annual contract we will ask if you wish to renew for the following year. 6. Licensing: If selecting this bolt-on, you are paying for a private license to the Class Yoga video resources. They can only be embedded onto a private, fire-walled website or home-learning platform, that your pupils and parents can login to from home. The license is $1200 per annum for as long as you wish to have the resources. *
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