SY 20/21 PFEP Input
Tropic Isles Elementary
Title 1 Meeting via Zoom (April 28, 2020 @ 2:15pm)
What opportunities would you participate in, relating to the educational decisions of your child?
What time would be most convenient for you to attend your school's informational meetings related to your child's education?
What type of activities would you be willing to attend or would like to see?
What reason, if any, prevent you from attending school functions such as Title 1 Night, SAC meetings, Family Nights, ect? (Please check all that apply)
What method do you prefer the most as a means of notification regarding meetings, events, and other programs offered at school?
How do you monitor your child's progress? (check all that apply)
What additional criteria would you like to see in your School-Parent Compact:
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How would you like your Parent and Family Engagement set-aside money spent?
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What type of Parent Involvement activities would you like to see at Tropic Isles next year?
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