2019 President's Volunteer Service Award For Clubs
Please Submit no later than April 5th, 2019
Bristol Clubs that perform a minimum of 200 hours of unpaid community service, including time spent planning and conducting the service activities, within a 12-month period are eligible to receive the Bristol Community College President's Volunteer Service Award if the qualifications listed below are met. Qualifications: The club must be an approved and active student club with the Office of Student Engagement. Each club member contributing to the total number of community service hours must have served 25 hours or more. There must be two or more club members doing service at the same time for hours to count as group service. All community service hours reported must have been completed as part of the student club. Award Levels: BRONZE: 200 to 499 hours, SILVER: 500 to 999 hours, GOLD: 1,000 hours or more. Clubs who document a minimum of 200 hours of service from between the dates of April 1st, 2018 and April 1st, 2019 will be presented this award by the President of Bristol Community College at Student Awards Night in May. The hours must be submitted no later than April 5th, 2019. Clubs who submit a completed record by that date, but do not have a representative who will attend the award ceremony, may contact the Office of Civic Engagement for their award after the date of the award ceremony.
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