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This form will help track the various outreach activities such as public lectures, classroom visits, science fairs/competitions, mentoring, tours, student engagement, etc... Do not use this form for academic or scientific conferences where the primary audience is other professionals. Please answer all the fields to the best of your knowledge. If you need any assistant feel free to contact Adi Hanein with any questions (adi.hanein@noaa.gov or 206-526-6810) for anyone at PMEL and Jed Thompson for others at JISAO (jedthom@uw.edu or 206-616-3845). The form collects email address in case you would like a copy of your submission which you request at the end of the form. This form will be used for reporting at NOAA/PMEL and JISAO.
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Do you have pictures from the event? If yes and would like to share, please email them to Adi (adi.hanein@noaa.gov) and Jed Thompson (jedthom@uw.edu) for JISAO *
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