Reserve Digitization Request
Use this form to request that the Wyndham Robertson Library at Hollins University digitize material from its print collection (journal articles, book chapters, books, etc.) for you to make available to your online course in the 2020 summer semester.

The Wyndham Robertson Library will make this material available to you in a digital format based on a specific fair use analysis, which accounts for the ongoing public health emergency that forces us to teach in a virtual environment outside our usual in-person mode of delivering education. The application of fair use through digitization encourages greater equity and access to education during these challenging times, enabling us to provide the same materials that we would normally provide on reserve in the library.

If you would like additional information about the stipulations below, or wish to learn more about our assertion of a right to digitize and provide these materials based on our fair use analysis, please contact University Librarian Luke Vilelle at
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By checking the box below, you stipulate the following: (1) This material is solely for the use of students in your course. (2) The amount of material you are using is narrowly tailored to what is needed for the course. (3) It is your responsibility to make the material available to your students in the course (e.g., through Moodle). (4) You will not use this digital copy after this semester. We ask that you delete the copy after the conclusion of the semester, and ask your students to do the same. *
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