Registration for Outdoor Meeting for Worship, September 20, 27, Oct 4
Welcome! We are asking folks to register for in-person meeting for worship in order to assure that our numbers stay within safe social-distancing limits. We can accommodate up to 30 individuals (or a few more, with family members sitting close together), in 3 separate spaces.

Once you fill out this form, you are registered. If interest attending Meeting for Worship exceeds the amount of space we have, we will draw names randomly and may ask some Friends to step back this week. (You have an opportunity below to say you'll be happy to step back if we get too many people wanting to come.

IMPORTANT: By filling out this form, you agree to follow our current guidelines: You'll wear a mask. You will make every effort to stay at least 6 feet from non-household members. If you feel ill, you won't attend.
We will attempt to limit bathroom visits. We will not share food and drink. Should you forget your mask, there will be some disposable ones available on the lobby table. These guidelines may change over time to align with the best information available.

Should it become necessary, we will use the information you provide here for contact tracing.

Please indicate the number of people in your household who will be planning to attend and the dates you plan to come. (You can go back and correct this information later.)
Name *
Email *
Phone number *
How many people in your household will attend (able to sit closer together)? *
I/we plan to attend on these dates. (You can return and edit your response, change or add dates, later.) *
Would you be willing to volunteer to help make sure Meeting for Worship can happen safely?
We need 2-3 Greeters who will arrive a bit early (8:30), check folks off the list as they come in, assure everyone is wearing a mask and knows where to go, and who will make sure everyone is out at the end. We also need 3 people each week willing to be head of each outdoor (It's an easy job. There are notes. You can do both.)
I would be willing to serve as a volunteer "greeter" and/or sit at head of one of the Meetings for Worship.
If too many people sign up for in-person Meeting, I'm happy to step back and attend virtually.
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