Native Plant Distribution - Round 2
We stopped taking requests on Sunday, April 7. If you put in a round two request, it will be ready to pick up from the SWC Mapleton office on Friday, April 12, at 10 a.m. If you can't make it Friday, we will leave your order labeled in front of the SWC office for you to pick up over the weekend but SWC staff will not be there. Orders left until Monday will be used for other SWC restoration projects.

Thank you to Balance Restoration Nursery and the Bureau of Land Management for donating the following trees and shrubs for round two! Black twinberry, black cottonwood, common snowberry, cluster rose, Douglas spirea, Port Orford cedar, Western red cedar, Hooker's willow, Pacific willow, Scouler's willow, Sitka willow, and redosier dogwood.

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