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Anjel Syndicate is an independent video game media group. Our purpose has and always will be an alternative to the many other websites and groups out there. Our goal is to provide the news and information relevant to the gaming community without the fluff and nonsense that have invaded the medium in recent years. To that end, we expect a certain level of professionalism when it comes to our writing, information sourcing, and interactions with the gaming community at large.

Since our launch into full time operation we’ve been hard at work building relationships with the gaming community to provide content and with game publishers and developers to gain access to the latest news and games so we can build our content portfolio. That said, while relationships with publishers and developers are important to securing avenues for content generation these do not play a role in how we cover content and review games.

Anjel Syndicate is dedicated to providing content of interest to the gaming community and being an honest voice in the gaming media sphere. When it comes to video games however, just like the regular gamers in the world we have our passions, our dislikes, and we don’t always agree with each other over the games we play and enjoy. Reviews and even our news coverage is a combination of fact conveyance and experience delivery. It’s about being respectful that while we can and do disagree it’s in regards to the fun and experiences we’ve had with the games we covered without attacking one another or the gaming community when those views are different from one another.
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