2020 Parent Survey
Please complete the survey with your honest opinion.  Your honest feedback is the best way for Corcoran High School to continue to improve your child's educational experience.
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Teachers at Corcoran High School act professionally. *
Teachers are well qualified to support students and their learning. *
Teachers are well prepared. *
Teachers provide sufficient feedback on student performance. *
Teachers use a variety of tools to assess student achievement. *
Teachers provide timely notification to students of upcoming assignments. *
Teachers provide assessment results in a reasonable amount of time. *
Teachers treat students with respect. *
Communication from Corcoran High School staff has been effective. *
Corcoran High has enough staff to meet the needs of all students. *
Corcoran High administration provides good leadership. *
Administration at Corcoran High School is accessible to students and parents to address comments and concerns about the school. *
Facilities at Corcoran High School are sufficient to meet the needs of all students. *
The campus at Corcoran High School is clean. *
I believe the discipline process at Corcoran High School is fair. *
Classes at Corcoran High School are challenging. *
Corcoran High School prepares students for college/career readiness. *
Corcoran High offers courses students need to achieve career goals. *
Students at Corcoran High have equitable access to Honors and AP courses. *
The curriculum at Corcoran High School is based on the California Common Core standards. *
I understand the sequencing of courses and graduation requirements at Corcoran High School. *
Students perform a wide variety of activities at Corcoran High School, such as presentations, projects, group assignments, experiments, and written reports. *
Technology is used to meet the learning objectives at Corcoran High School. *
My child(ren) feel comfortable asking questions and expressing ideas in class. *
I am aware and understand CAASPP testing and how the results are tied to participating in the graduation ceremony. *
I have adequate access to view my child's grades. *
When my child is struggling, he/she is provided with adequate support. *
I am actively involved in my child's education. *
What suggestions would you make for improvements at Corcoran High School? *
What is working well at Corcoran High School? *
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