In pursuit of sustainable countryside: Could holiday-home tourism complement multifunctional agriculture?
The University of Western Australia, Centre for Regional Development
35 Stirling Highway, Perth, Western Australia 6009, Australia,;
Questionnaire conducted by:
UWA Visiting Researcher, Associate Professor ADAM CZARNECKI, tel.: +61 4 604 376 03, +48 502 297 757
Professor FIONA HASLAM MCKENZIE, tel.: +61 8 964 887 392 or +61 4 170 988 80.

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Invitation for participation in an online survey
You are invited to participate in a project of regional significance aimed at examining whether the people owning holiday homes and their demand for food products may contribute to the diversification of the local agricultural production in the Shires of Margaret River and Denmark. You are asked to take part in this project because you are the owner of a holiday home in Margaret River or Denmark and, at the same time, a customer who purchase local food products at chain-, general stores, groceries or the farmer’s markets.

The University of Western Australia is hosting Associate Professor – Adam Czarnecki from the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences (IRWiR PAN) as a Visiting Scholar from May 2019 to April 2020. His research, supported by the Polish Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), examines second-home tourism and its relationships with the local (host-community) economy and specifically agriculture. The main purpose of the study, to be carried out in two case-communities of WA (Margaret River and Denmark), is to examine whether second-home tourism – through holiday-home owners’) purchases, preferences and willingness to pay for various goods provided by agriculture – may contribute to the diversification of the local agricultural production and, consequently, to support sustainable development in WA rural communities.
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