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KU Mini Collegians - We need your help!

As many of you know, a few years ago KU Mini College was cut from University funding. Since then, a ragtag group of volunteers, fearlessly led by Ann Smith, has been living by the theater motto of ‘The Show Must Go On!”.

Today we’re asking you to help us determine whether or not we can establish a KU Endowment fund. This would ensure KU Mini College could continue and flourish with the security that comes with endowment and not be dependent on a few volunteers. What is KU Mini College worth to you?

Some things to think about…

• Have you enjoyed being back in Lawrence? Have you considered moving back?
• Have you upped your Alumni status, maybe even become a lifetime members?
• Have you enjoyed the thrill of a university experience again?
• Have you come away from a lecture with your thoughts alive and curiosity blooming?
• Are you always glad you came?

Our goal is to have a promise of raising $25K in order to establish a KU endowed fund. We are not collecting monies at this time; just your promise.

Let us know what you would be willing to contribute to sustain our annual adventure together.

We look forward to seeing you next June!

Thank you & RCJH!

Your KU Mini College Volunteer Squad,
- Ann, Rich, Bob & Meg
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