Volunteer with Qabeelat Wasat
Inspired by AlMaghrib Institute's phenomenal seminars? Want to make a difference in your community? Become a Qabeelat Wasat volunteer today! Fill out the form below and one of our volunteers will get in touch with you.

Volunteers roles described below:

- Marketing - Passing out fliers, make announcements, assisting with social media, etc.
- Finance - Find and arrange sponsorship deals with local businesses and organizations, help with scholarships, Venue assistance
- Academics - Assist with taking and compiling notes for each class and preparing review materials for students
- Student Hospitality - Plan decor for each class, greet and assist students during the event, manage icebreakers and other activities
- Social Events - Plan volunteer social events
- Registration - Help register students during events

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What departments are you interested in helping with?
Team Duties:
Wasat Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Flyer/Poster distribution
Social Media Management
Student body interaction and management

Opportunities/Help Needed:
Team Leads
Graphic Design
Content Creation
Channel Management
Brand Collaboration
Team Duties:
Manages registration before class ensuring easy sign up online and problem solving
Manage registration during the class weekend for those wanting to register on site
Conclude post class registration and fix any issues
Run phone drive for each class to further message

On site registration help
Team duties:
Organize trips to other Qabeelat
Help spread costs and make it easier for more to join
Work with neighboring Qabeelat on accommodations to reduce costs
Create a fun environment to travel together for ILM

Team leads
Team duties:
Partnerships with Islamic organizations in Chicagoland
Create new and lasting relationships with community members and other volunteers

Team leads
Team member
Team duties:
Records and takes detailed notes during class to enable further academic materials
Creates professional notes to help students study for exam
Helps create material for Wasat Study
Works with instructor to clarify items in the class

Note taker
Note editor
Team duties:
Biweekly Halaqah
-Either about previous or upcoming class
Biweekly Book Club
-Malcolm X Autobiography is next!

Halaqah leader
Book club leader
Team duties:
Host gathering outside of classes for volunteers in order to build brotherhood and sisterhood

Team lead
Team duties:
Works to further awareness about Qabeelat Wasat
Visit surrounding towns and states to connect with Muslims in those areas

Team lead (Must be able to travel)
Team member (Must be able to travel)
Team duties:
-Traveler Hospitality
Provide accommodations for traveling students
Help ensure a wonderful class weekend experience
-Speaker Hospitality
Provide accommodations and driver for the instructor
-Student Hospitality
Provide ushers during class weekend
Run workshops and icebreakers during the breaks
Help manage QA
Help answer any questions

Team leads
Team duties:
Student Scholarships
Helps pay for Scholarships, Additional Class amenities, Free classes for Converts, and more!
Budget for Qabeelat supplies, social, and venue costs for better student experience
Fundraising Management

Team member
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