2018 AIME exam registration
This is for the students whose schools do not host the AIME test, or do not allow students to take the test at their school.
If your student can take the test at their own school, we highly recommend that they do so.

The Pioneer Family Academy will host the AIME test.

Please register and pay the administration fee of $30. If you plan to take AIME II, please pay by March 7th, so you can reserve your spot and can directly take the test. If you take AIME I, you can pay when you take the test.

AIME I: 8:45am March 6th.
AIME II: 8:45am March 21th

Registration @ https://goo.gl/SuG29G

We accept, PayPal, check, and cash. If you pay with PayPal, and there is a service fee, so please send $33.
The test administration fee is not refundable.
The PayPal account's email is Spring.Light.Edu@gmail.com.
You drop your check to 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 7, Cupertino 95014

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