BOOM FRINGE 2019 Submission Application
BOOM is an explosive celebration of Charlotte artists in Plaza Midwood, April 26th-28th 2019, and is the 4th year of the festival. Please note the difference between BOOM FRINGE and BOOM INTERSECTION described below. This application is for artists interested in BOOM FRINGE.

Applications for local artists to present work at the 2019 BOOM FRINGE Festival are open from October 19th through November 30th, 2018. Decisions will be announced by December 31st, 2018. Selected acts will run three 45-55 minute performances during the weekend of April 26th-28th, 2019 in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. BOOM FRINGE artists will receive 80% of the box office sales at their shows (tickets are $10, each venue seats 40-70 audience members).

BOOM FRINGE Requirements:
All applications must represent original work that runs 45-55 minutes, and which can be performed in a small venue for audiences of 30-50. The venues will each have lighting/sound crew available. The work should be able to set up and break down in about 10 minutes, and there is a possibility that all props and sets will need to be removed from the venue at the end of each performance. The venues do not have backstage space.

If selected, artists will need to provide marketing materials (logo, photos, etc), sign a contract and are responsible for marketing their own show in order to be a part of the festival.

Applications for local artists to present work as part of the 2019 BOOM INTERSECTION are open from October 19th 2018 through March 1st 2019. Selected artists will be notified on a rolling basis over that period. Selected acts can perform on the Intersection stage in 10-30 minute time slots one time over the weekend, or participate in BOOM STREETS by creating site-specific performance or visual art installations throughout the Plaza Midwood neighborhood over the weekend of the festival. Music, dance, visual art, spoken word, collaborative works, theatre, performance art, comedy, mime and other creative explorations are welcome. The BOOM Intersection is free for audiences and therefore there is no guaranteed compensation for Intersection artists. For INTERSECTION please submit the BOOM INTERSECTION APPLICATION, not the BOOM FRINGE APPLICATION.

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