Account Executives / Sales Development Reps (AE/SDR) Wanted!

We are offering up to $1280 monthly professional fee + commissions for a 3-month work-from-home contract! That's approx. PhP 60,000 per month ($1280) + commissions on each sale for qualified Account Executives, and approx. PhP 38,400 per month ($800) + commissions on each sale for the Sales Development Representative role.

You must be:
- A self-motivated and hardworking independent professional driven by results
- With sales experience in Outbound B2B sales or in luxury real estate
- With a good work-from-home setup (Tech equipment + solid internet connection)
- Living in the Philippines
- Top scorers in the application get offered the Account Executive role, so make sure to do your best!


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N.Rich is a global B2B SaaS company with the most easy-to-use cross-channel ABM advertising platform. We are looking for disciplined, resilient, adaptive, and collaborative professionals that are growth-minded and results-oriented to work with our dynamic team of high-performing contractors based in the Philippines and abroad. Our work is challenging and rigorous, but nevertheless rewarding.

This is NOT a typical work from home job. We use activity trackers and OKRs to rate and measure your performance.

We have an extremely high bar for contractor performance & you will be expected to produce quality results under time pressure. Our ideal candidate is a strong team player that is internally motivated and driven to produce results, to seek solutions to difficult scenarios on their own, and to approach changing situations with professionalism and a positive mindset. He or she should have the discipline to consistently perform at a high caliber, and the tenacity to do what needs to be done to obtain results.

About our AE/SDR Team:

Our team enjoys sending outreach messages to relevant personnel that fit our target market profile, setting appointments with them, and explaining how our platform can benefit their company.

Our contractors work with a heavy volume of contacts involving extensive reading, writing, and some call time. You should have the ability to read and comprehend quickly, reply accurately and in excellent English, and do your own research.

Your role will not be limited to outreach messages / emails and sales meetings and presentations. We are a rapidly growing company and our contractors play a large part in sales development, strategy, analysis, and user experience.

This role is not easy but provides a tremendous opportunity for growth. We are looking for people who want to take advantage of this type of environment.


Q: How do I pass the Written Assessment?
A: To pass the written assessment, the applicant must demonstrate the following:
- Research and preparation
- Reading comprehension
- Resourcefulness
- Excellent writing skills

Q: Will I be receiving updates on the result of my assessment?
A: No, we only contact those who have passed. If your submission is accepted, you will be contacted within 7 days from submission (sometimes longer, depending on the volume of applications we receive)

Q: I’ve applied previously but never got an update
A: Unfortunately, that means that you did not pass the assessment or that we have already filled the slots. You may re-apply after 90 days.

Q: I’ve applied previously, do I need to take the assessment again?
A: Yes. We have updated the Written Assessment questions & will be checking the new responses.

Q: How do I become qualified for the Account Executive role?
A: All our applicants go through our hiring system. The Account Executive role is offered to those that perform exceedingly well in the timed exam, and pass the final interview with flying colors.

NOTE: We prefer someone who could start in the next month and has no commitments with other clients.


Interested to apply? The next part is a TIMED EXAM, and you will need THREE HOURS to complete it. There are no pauses or do overs.


Watch this Training Video to increase your chances of success:

You should also review our comprehensive training material here:


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