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As a School Council member, you can help discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of students in your school. Education is a partnership involving parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government, and the community. Your involvement in the council gives you the opportunity to strengthen that partnership, and to be part of a dedicated team working to ensure a high quality of education and an accountable education system for the children of Ontario (Ministry of Education).  

School Councils recruit new voting members whose primary role is to enhance the involvement and contributions of the school community. As a voting member you will:

-attend regular Council meetings held once every month;
-participate actively in the events sponsored by Council;
-bring a school-wide perspective on Council issues and support Council decisions;
-act as a link between Council and the community; and
-encourage the participation of parents, guardians and others within the school community in Council sponsored activities.

Nominations are due by: (enter date) at 4 pm. Positions will be determined at the first meeting in September therefore, all nominees must be in attendance. Please consider how important your involvement is by completing this online self-nomination form.
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Voting positions are available to our parents and guardians. Please indicate if you are interested in any of the positions listed below (check all that apply):
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Parent participation is the key to Council's success. We invite you to share below any interest(s) or experience(s) that might contribute to School Council.
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Employees of the Halton District School Board cannot apply for positions on the School Council if they are employed at the School. If you are employed elsewhere you can apply providing you inform the school community of your place of employment. Does this apply to you?
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