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¿ Que es la litosfera ?
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¿Cómo es la costa atlántica de Andalucía?. marca la respuesta correcta.
¿Cual es el río mas largo de Andalucía?
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¿En el sector primario que tipos de cultivos hay? ¿Y cual es el mas importante?
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¿En que sector trabajan mas personas?
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Lists the four types of cars in Andalucia with the activity concerned.
golf on the Costa del Sol
Costa de Almeria
Mosque of Cordoba
sierra nevada
cultural tourism
Sports Tourism
Sun and beach tourism
Nature tourism
You know that the highest peak of Andalusia and the peninsula is the Mulhacen?indicated on the scale of 1 to 5. (On 1 nothing and 5 very good)
Name 2 rivers that flow into the Mediterranean sea.
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What are the 3 areas of the primary sector?
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What are the most important industries in the secondary sector?
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La litosfera.
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