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Thank you for supporting a local company during this time.

Technician Information
Devin Wolery
99-082 Kauhale Street, Suite B1
Aiea, HI 96701

If you are interested in a Custom performance PC. Please submit this form

Please submit this digital form. It will not only help us keep track of our repairs. But also keep you safe, by handling only your personal device.

The majority of our services are Same day service if dropped off in the morning. Some can be up to 2-3 days or more depending on the parts required.

The diagnostic charge is $50, If we fix the problem during diagnostic it is covered.
If the repair requires more investment, we contact you.

Windows Reload/Install is $150 - Includes install, Updates, Optimization, Drivers, and up to 2 favorite games downloaded

Computer build with your own parts is $225 - Includes all professional wire management, Bios update, installation of parts.

Wire Management is $125 - The computer must be functioning prior to this. If it is not functioning additional charges may apply. Includes professional wire management. Wire management can take 2-6 hours

Data Backup - $100 - 150. If a drive must be removed, and or is not properly functioning, it is the higher. If it is functioning it is the lower price.

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You can bring the computer in any day between 10am-8pm for dropoff. If you need direct assistance by Devin. Please come during these times. Mon-Wed 9a -5pThur/Fri 9a-8pSat 1p-8p
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ie: Ibuypower/cyber power, custom PC, Laptop, All in one
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Terms and conditions
1. All parts include shipping. Price estimates on parts are based on current market prices and may change without notice.

2. All Computer labor includes a 15-day warranty on service and a 30-day warranty on parts. Subsequent problems from misuse/
abuse, Malware/virus infections, user error or problems unrelated to the original issue are not covered under warranty.

Notice: Computers and Equipment left unclaimed for more than 30-days after estimated completion date will be considered
abandoned and may be sold or parted out to cover costs, unless previous arrangements for extended storage have been made
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