Calling All Geniuses!
TEACH Team Application 2018-19
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What interests you about being a part of this group?
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Sell yourself. Be specific! When compared to others who may apply, what makes you the best candidate?
Have you ever had a computer violation that resulted in discipline (Whitelisting, device taken away, etc...)? *
If yes, you may be considered ineligible for TEACH Team membership
Which of the following do you have an interest in learning or are already skilled in? *
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What unique talents or ideas do you have that will make TEACH Team even better? *
I understand that I will need to be at meetings/training when held. *
There are not many, but failure to appear without being excused will result in removal from Team.
I understand that I must be able to work the Genius Bar up to twice per week. (MS/HS only) *
Selecting "no" will remove you from consideration.
I understand that my grades, conduct, and trustworthiness must be excellent at all times to remain on the TEACH Team *
Selecting "no" will remove you from consideration.
Explain how you use your Macbook Air for academic purposes. (Do not just say “homework”. Give examples of some of the best/most creative ways you use it.) *
Which applications/sites are you familiar with? *
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Do you have experience creating screencasts or YouTube videos? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, provide a link to your YouTube channel or video. (If the answer is no, skip this question)
Explain a time when you helped a student or a teacher with a technology problem. *
Provide as much detail as possible.
Do you currently read any type of publications about technology? (online or in print) *
If yes, which ones?
Customer service is helping people who need you with care, professionalism, and assistance with their problem. How should a TEACH Team member do this well? *
What is Digital Citizenship? Why is it important? *
Be thorough.
How does one behave responsibly on social media? *
If I was to look at your social media accounts, would there be items on them that are not appropriate or do not display good character? (A good rule: Would your grandma find it inappropriate?) *
Provide the name of two current or former teachers who can vouch for your reliability, character, and abilities to serve on the TEACH Team. *
With references, you always notify the person who is serving as a reference. This should not be a surprise to them when I ask about you. If they have not been notified, their response will not be valid. You must have two recommendations to be eligible.
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