Catamount Trail Association Volunteer Time Log
The hours you log as a volunteer for the Catamount Trail are essential to our work.

CTA can also count volunteer hours as match for many of its grants, allowing CTA to leverage additional resources.

Please complete the following form after each outing on the CT or to your chapters backcountry area. If you have questions or comments about this form, email

Thank you for your help creating cross-country and backcountry skiing and riding opportunities!

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Travel Time *
Please indicate the amount of time you spent traveling to and from the trailhead.
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Trail/Backcountry Zone Time *
Please indicate the amount of time you spent walking and/or working on the Trail. We realize it sometimes takes time to get from the trailhead parking area to the work site. Simply total the amount of time on the trail, whether hiking or clearing.
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Are there any issues you need assistance with from the CTA office? If so, please describe.
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Please list first and last names and hours of other volunteers who helped you on this date.
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