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Depending upon availability, 2022 registrants might be able to receive a free NIRSF tee shirt.
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Participation in the NIRSF constitutes your agreement to hold NIRSF, Vending Location, or any of their affiliates, sponsors, or representatives harmless and free of any and all liability for damage, injury, and/or loss of/to property or person. You also agree that you have read and understood all rules and will follow them accordingly. *
In the event that anyone from my party contracts an illness, including COVID 19, I agree that NIRSF and vending location/affiliates/sponsors, are not liable. In addition, I agree that I will follow all CDC guidelines regarding safe quarantining restrictions in the event anyone in my family/party has been exposed to COVID prior to the event.
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All registrants will receive a follow-up email with additional instructions the week of the Science Fair.
NIRSF would like to promote the fair and the hard work of the participants by sharing the great ideas and projects presented. In an effort to do this, photos and sometimes the use of social media are the best means of publication. If names are used, only first names will be utilized. Please indicate your consent for us to use pictures taken of your student(s) and of your family in our group settings. Should you decline, we will only use pictures of the exhibit. (For our group settings, we will blot out your faces, which takes a great deal of volunteer time and takes away from the effect of the picture, so please carefully consider your consent.) *
(Next Step) Exhibit Form Information
The Exhibit Form must be either electronically filed or mailed (post-dated) no later than TWO WEEKS prior to Fair Date. An electronic Exhibit Form may be filled out online at url link:
and a printable Exhibit Form can also be found at:
Each individual registrant must complete an Exhibit Form in order to exhibit at the Science Fair.
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