Malaysia Open Source Community And Contact Update Profile Form For Year 2015
This form is prepared by Harisfazillah Jamel aka LinuxMalaysia. This form is to update Malaysia Open Source communities detail and information.

We need to create an up to date list of all Open Source Community in Malaysia.

Please help me by sharing this to your friends. This is an open form, you can add in your community event you are not the community leader. I will contact them for more information.

All detail except the nickname is optional. Please add my email as your contact.

---- Teh Tarik and BoF Q1 2015 Malaysia Open Source Community ----

Please register here

Malaysia Open Source Community Meetup Q1 2015

The Malaysia Open Source Community Meet-up is an event for Open Source Communities in Malaysia to meet with each others. It's an event for software developers, students, and other interested people to learn more about open source software.

This event is a makan-makan and borak-borak with friends.

Theme: Birds of Feather, we flock together.

This Meetup is a BoF style Meetup, no pre-planned agenda.

Kita datang, makan dan berbual tentang kita sebagai Open Source Community Malaysia.
Want to be a speaker? Open Source Software related topic? Please contact or Telegram +60196085482



Official web page for this event and registration. Please register for us to keep track whose attending.

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