Streamcord Partner Program Application for Mixer Streamers
PLEASE NOTE: This application is meant for streamers currently on Mixer planning on swapping to Twitch within the next few months as Mixer shuts down its services. If you are a current Twitch streamer, or other entity looking to partner, please apply at

Thank you for your interest in joining the Streamcord Partner Program. This partnership program was designed to help streamers, streaming groups, eSports teams, and professional organizations get the most out of Streamcord. With Mixer shutting down, we're here to help aid your transition to Twitch.

Before applying, please, visit to learn more about perks and requirements for eligibility, and visit to read our Streamcord Partners Terms of Service Agreement.

Sending false or inaccurate information to us on your application slows down the process, and can result in a decline, or being ineligible to re-apply in the future.
Part 1: Basic Information
What is your full name? *
How old are you? *
To ensure we comply with Discord and Twitch TOS, all Streamcord Partners must be 13 or older.
What is your email address? *
The email address you provide here will be used for any formal communication, if you're accepted as a Streamcord Partner. It will also be used to contact you with our final decision on your application.
What is your Discord? *
The Discord you provide here will be used for account verification, and given access to our Partner perks. We may also use Discord to try and reach out to you, if needed. Please send us your Discord username, along with your tag number. For example: LateNitro#0827
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