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The Greater Houston Service Awards celebrates the power of volunteers to spark change and improve the world through community service. The awards originated over 33 years ago and since then, hundreds of honorees have been recognized and celebrated.

Whether it’s being a positive role model to kids, tutoring students in math, science or reading, creating a corporate volunteer network , or providing meals to the hungry – the Greater Houston Service Awards embrace the challenge of tackling the unmet needs of the Houston community through volunteer action.

    Eligibility Requirements

    * An organization or individual may nominate up to three volunteers who are currently engaged in active volunteer service. * Volunteers who are nominated may not have received any monetary compensation for their service. * Work must be performed in Greater Houston area. * Previous nominees not selected are still eligible.


    * Honorees are evaluated against the following criteria. Does the volunteer work: * Effectively address a serious social problem in the community? * Have the potential to inspire others? * Reflect unique and innovative approaches? * Have the potential to be replicated by others equipped with similar resources? * Demonstrate specific, measurable impact?
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