Rocket Lawnchair 2019 Interest Form
Rocket is back for 2019! Here to have more fun spirited competition then ever before!

Started in 2017, this team has been focused on building the community and helping players gain experience and skills while they have fun, show good spirit and compete at a higher level. We have made it to regionals both years and will continue to keep that as our base goal. We want to develop individual talent, while making sure that the team overall has a good time at each tournament competing against the top teams around the region. We want to keep our improving our performance at each tournament and finish in the top half at regionals. Spirit of the game will always be a top priority for Rocket!

Captains: David Backus + TBD
Coach: AK
Support core: Frankie, Sara, Mirjah, and Ian!

Tryouts will include the Southeast Michigan Mixed (May 4-5) and Women's combine (May 11th), followed by a series of practices leading up to Cin City. Final decisions will be made after Cin City (June 1st and 2nd)

We intend to have open practices every Wednesday and Saturday

We know some people (not us) have lives outside of Ultimate so we understand people wont make everything. We do ask people try to attend everything they can, work hard during practices and bring their best effort and spirit to every tournament!
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