NWTA Volunteer Hours Reporting
Please use this form to enter all volunteer hours(trail work, planning, events, admin) for NWTA and the trails we maintain.

Bike Patrol is tracked separately here: https://goo.gl/JJSTmn

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For group submissions please specify the work party or event leader
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For trail work please note the land manager contact's name
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A description of the work done and any other notables about what was accomplished
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In theory total hours should equal the day of event time (Volunteers * Duration) + Planning Time(if not submitted separately), if it doesn't please drop a note in the comments
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Planning Hours
If submitting a single entry for an event that had planning/preparation time please note that here, otherwise leave blank(e.g. if you spent 20 hours planning an event that goes here, if you already submitted that planning time separately leave this blank)
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Any details you weren't sure where else to include. These
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