Pet Food Bank Feedback Form
If you have received a pet food pack from The Animal Team, as a result of visiting a food bank you can use this form to provide feedback to enable us to apply for further funding to continue to provide this service. You may choose to complete anonymously (no need to enter any details other than the feedback section) or you can provide any or all of the details requested on this form. Please be aware that ONLY the information in the feedback box will be disclosed or used in any funding or promotion of this pilot and subsequent longer term provisions.
Please tell us what pets we provided for
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Please provide as much feedback as you are comfortable with to help us prove that this scheme is a needed and worthy cause. Why you needed us, what the pet pack provided meant to you, how it helped you etc. Anything we can use to show potential funders the success and need for this scheme to continue. *
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If you are happy to provide your name and contact details you may do so here. If you wish to remain anonymous please leave this section blank. If you provide us with an email address, we may in the future drop you an email to let you know if we have secured funding to continue this scheme and to thank you for your input in our continuation.
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