BePA Workshop Ghent (2-5 September): What can Proteomics do for you?
Many researchers use proteomics as a tool, e.g. in medicine, veterinary sciences, bio-engineering, biology, pharmaceutical sciences, ecology and even within art sciences. BePA is organizing workshops for these users. A broad selection of proteomics experts from Ghent will go through the entire workflow from sample preparation, over data acquisition to data analysis. At the end of the course, attendees will better understand the do's and don’ts in proteomics and be able to design their own experiment in order to find an answer to their protein-related questions.

For those preparing a project defense (e.g. FWO), the course will give them the complete overview required to anticipate methodological questions from the jury. For starters, we focus on the different steps of a robust experimental design, so that they will learn the shortest route to the answer to their biological questions on proteins. For students in the final stage of their PhD, who used proteomics along the way, we provide everything they need to know for their PhD defense.
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